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Welcome to the TF2 Cut Content Wiki
We're just getting started.
In the meantime, while this wiki is being set up, please refer to for all your Team Fortress 2 cut content needs.

The official Team Fortress 2 Wiki's documentation of cut content is sparse and highly outdated compared to what we know now.

There's a lot of content that's been found that has not been shown in any TF2 YouTube videos yet. Hint hint.

User registration closed temporarily

Due to spambots, and me not having set up any form of spambot protection, the wiki's user registration is closed temporarily.

Links you should use for research

Do note that these TCRF articles are by no means 100% complete; there are still some things that I haven't gotten added to TCRF yet.

Links you shouldn't use for research

Anything from There's a good fair bit of information on the TCRF article(s), as well as the TF2CCWiki twitter account that is missing from the official TF2 Wiki; for example this, this and this.

I will say this: there are some things on the TF2 Wiki that haven't been covered on TCRF yet (like the special crate icon, the unused war paint case backpack icons) but I do intend to do a once-over of the entire TF2 Wiki to see what all is missing from TCRF. Once I've done that, there will be no reason to use the TF2 Wiki for cut content research at all.

Coming Soon

  • Actual content on the wiki. 😂
    • This will include in-article downloads for files of things. For example the article on the Nail Gun would have a download containing all related files for that item (the model from the game files, the textures from the June 25th, 2007 build). I don't just want this wiki to be a place to read about these things, I want the reader to also be able to easily obtain the files for what they're reading about if they are available to us.
  • An entirely custom wiki skin themed to resemble TF2.
  • Archives containing various things including, but not limited to:
    • As complete of a list of builds as we could get for TF2Classic.
      • Maybe old builds of other TF2 source mods?
    • A complete set of builds for TF2 from release in 2007 until the introduction of the Steampipe distribution system in 2013.
  • Proper patch diffs for all builds from 2007 - 2013.