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I am a historian and an archivist of content specifically related to Team Fortress 2. I have also been doing wiki editing in various places and forms since Wikipedia first came around in 2001, when I was in my first year of secondary school. I'm pretty handy with template work, but I'm still learning some of the if statement/ifexpr stuff. I also like to mess around with HTML and CSS for fun.



I've been wanting to document all the stuff I've had a hand in for quite some time.


I've used several different usernames over the years, including, but not limited to;

  • 404: User Not Found
  • 404UserNotFound
  • 404 UNF
  • 404UNF
  • 404UNFca
  • TF2CCWiki
  • TF2CutContentWiki
  • TF2CutContent

Team Fortress 2

In somewhat chronological order, and sorted by type...

General Projects

  • Maintained the Complete Phongless Pack on Gamebanana after the pack's creator Cheppa retired, up until Valve added the mat_phong console command which rendered the pack obsolete.
    • Funny enough, that console command suffers from the same issues that the Complete Phongless Pack did. Anything that used $envmap in its VMT file (Australiums, Golden Wrench, Saxxy) would become dull. Certain MvM props also became entirely black in color for some strange reason. The only fix for those issues was to re-enable phong in just those items' VMT files. I don't think Valve has ever fixed those issues with the console command either.
  • The touching up and fixing of all the class emblem images on the TF2 Wiki, along with the release of the TF2 Class Emblem PSD file. As a result, my work is now part of many things in the community. Big thanks to Alaxe for updating the PSD to v5 and adding many new custom emblems.

Source Mods

Not to be confused with SourceMod server plugins.

  • Created the "OBTF2" (Orange Box TF2) early playable mod on November 23, 2014. It was essentially XBOX 360 TF2 but on the PC. Full of exploits due to using early build files and it led to the next entry in this list.
    • Support for this project only lasted about a month. Despite that, the project survived for many years because of people finding it randomly and wanting to try it. Some guy in 2016 even made a thread in the official TF2 Steam Discussions about the project while claiming he created it.
  • Helped co-found and launch TF2Classic alongside the original project leader, danielmm8888, in December 2014 after the OBTF2 project abruptly ended. As the co-founder of the project, my initial duties were:
    • Creating the original Steam group for the project. The currently-existing TF2Classic Steam group is not the true original group. The original group had roughly 20,000 members and after my time on the team came to an abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances arising, I ended up creating a macro to kick out all ~20,000 members after having made the group private. Once I was the only member left, I left the group, thus causing it to be deleted.
      • I did this not out of a want to be a dick, but because I was ill-informed on how Steam groups handled when the original group founder leaves. I assumed nobody would be able to change group permissions if I left, so I decided (stupidly) to wipe the group.
    • Creating the very first Facepunch forums thread for TF2Classic when the project was brand new.
    • Hosting of the original official website , which used to be located at I no longer own that domain.

Community Server Projects

  • Ran a longtime Team Fortress 2 community server & group which went through numerous different names. My group & servers were in existence from October 2009 until early 2020 when I finally closed things down due to a lack of traffic. In as chronological of an order as I can remember, the names the group went through included;
    • 404's House
    • 404Gaming
    • UNFGaming
  • Worked with Mecha the Slag (aka Jonas Kaerlev, creator of the game A Hat In Time) for SLAG Gaming where I worked on the creation of backpack icons for many weapons in his Advanced Weaponiser setup. Some specific icons that I can remember creating include:
  • Was a part of the Custom TF2 Weapons (cTF2w) dev team for a few months:
    • I worked as a plugin developer, working on custom weapon attribute plugins.
  • Was a part of the Creators.TF dev team for half a year or so:
    • I was a plugin developer again.
    • I was responsible for bringing the custom weapons backend plugin from cTF2w to Creators.TF
    • I commissioned the creation of the Creators.TF paint brush model from N-Cognito, and created the backpack icons for the Creators.TF paint brushes.
    • I also did the texture for one of the Creators.TF crates.

SourceMod Server Plugins

I've created some server plugins for TF2 over the years including a couple bugfix plugins that ended up spurring Valve to actually fix the bug in the game. I've not been credited in the patch notes though which is kind of shitty.

  • Created a plugin that fixed the issue where func_rotating entities were not showing the proper rotation of the assigned prop to clients. Turns out Valve disabled the clientside rotation display flag during beta testing and forgot to re-enable it....for 11 years.
    • I submitted my plugin to the AlliedModders forums on November 28, 2018. Valve ended up actually properly fixing the issue on December 20, 2018 although they had to do so in two separate patches. The first patch, they fixed the issue but forgot to also fix a separate issue on a specific stock map where the Start input for that maps' func_rotating wasn't being sent, so the entity wasn't spinning. After I emailed them to remind them, they fixed that separate issue in the very next patch.
  • Created a plugin to fix the non-functional Shortstop "shove" alt-fire animation on January 20, 2017. Another AlliedMods user, FlaminSarge, also made his own version of the plugin that didn't require the DHooks extension. The issue was later fixed on February 6, 2017.
  • Created a plugin to stop the engine from rendering entities parented to a player invisible. This issue is why for the longest time on most community servers, custom weapons & hats were only visible to the person they were equipped on. Some servers did have workarounds for this issue, but the workarounds were very clunky and involved making the engine think that legitimate players were actually bots so the engine wouldn't mess with their custom items' visibility. These hacky workarounds also resulted in many features breaking and becoming unusable on those communities ity servers, like using your taunt menu which was completely broken by the workaround. The actual fix my plugin uses is incredibly simple and doesn't require hacky workarounds and doesn't break a ton of stuff.


  • Created the unofficial SourceMod Discord in July 2017. It is now the official Discord server for the SourceMod community with several thousand members. Due to it becoming "official", and as part of the deal to make it official, I transferred ownership of it over to its current owner, Asherkin.
  • Created the TF Cut Content Discord, originally called "TF2 Cut Content". That Discord server is now owned by someone else as I transferred ownership of it.


  • Created a custom CSS style for the /wooo/tube channel on Taimatube (roughly around the time of the launch of Taimatube), based on the CSS that was in use on 420chan's /wooo/ board. This custom CSS style was eventually adopted as the official CSS of the /wooo/tube channel for a while.
  • I also started up a few Taimatube channels during my time there. The ones I can remember are:
    • /woooshoots/ for pro wrestling shoot interviews.
    • /goodeats/ for episodes of the Food Network show Good Eats.
    • /comedy/ for comedy. Full standup shows and such.